chemistry questions

please answer the four questions below. An element has the following natural abundances and isotopic masses: 90.92% abundance with 19.99 amu, 0.26% abundance with 20.99 amu, and 8.82% abundance with 21.99 amu. Calculate the average atomic mass of this element.       2. Determine the empirical formulas for the following compounds:…continue reading →

Discipline: Fraud Examination and Prevention

CRJ555 7 Discussion You keep reviewing the financial statement but cannot seem to see where analysis is going wrong. It looks like inventory is getting larger and larger, but you know that you haven’t seen any growth in actual levels of inventory that financial statements seem to be indicating. You…continue reading →


compare and contrast Florida insects/pests; information based specifically on Florida pests. Very flexible on format, just need the research information (insect name, complete description, life cycle, feeding, damage and/or danger to community, crops, or people); please site any sources used; any number of pages (no minimum); . Are you looking…continue reading →

1.1 Part I (50 marks) The Australian banking system was largely unaffected by the Global Fi- nancial Crisis (GFC) and fared well. A widely held view is that the re- silience of the Australian banking system stems from the regulatory struc- ture that underpins the financial system. Following is the…continue reading →

Managing Change Effectively

The CEO has said he does not want anyone to lose his or her job. Some may need to be retrained, but no one will be let go from their job. There will be a merger and it will take place in two weeks, but the timing for blending the…continue reading →

Discussion 1: Ethics

Read the following scenario that is not uncommon in organizations, then answer any three questions from the list below. Please answer each of the 3 questions individually! Scenario: You are the Senior Vice President of Human Resources for your company. Early on, the company had little diversity, with most of…continue reading →

Computer science

Get familiar with the hardware components of wireless sensor nodes Get familiar with WSN energy consumption and management Get familiar with WSN operating systems and execution environments Read chapter 2 and provide answers to the following questions: 1) Identify and explain the 5 major components of a basic wireless sensor…continue reading →

California Geology & Society Pin It

Term Paper: The term paper is to be on a topic of your choice as long as you can relate it to the geology of California or how society has been impacted by the evolution of geologic theories or how society has been affected by a geologic process. Societal impact…continue reading →

Slime mold revolutionary paper

The revolutionary science we will consider this semester will be a mashup of several ideas: 1) Quantum effects in biological systems, 2) Intelligence in slime moulds, 3) Consciousness, and 4) Anesthesia.  All of these areas independently have large unknown areas and many controversies surrounding current theories but there is some…continue reading →