1.. The population mean and standard deviation are given below. Find the required probability and determine whether the given sample mean would be considered unusual. For a sample of n = 62, find the probability of a sample mean being less than 19.6 if mu equals20 and sigma equals1.22. For…continue reading →

Cloud computing security issues/challenges

Assignment: Develop a Research Proposal (20 points) Imagine you are a mid-level researcher at a world-renown, high-tech laboratory that receives millions of dollars in government grants each year. You are competing with another established researcher for a highly coveted endowed researcher position in the lab that will enable you to…continue reading →

Using your favorite search engine, perform a search for 3 different graphs that represent healthcare data. In a 2-3 page paper, written in APA format and using proper spelling/grammar, address the following: For each graph, list the type of graph used and describe the data that is presented. Include a…continue reading →

Select a Fortune 500 company which you will research the entire course.

The body of the report should be 8–10 pages excluding title, references page(s), and any appendices. Address each of the following: Employee Engagement Strategies Global Talent Management Corporate Social Responsibility Human Resource Technology Employment Law and Human Rights Issues Emerging Trends in Human Resource Management Human Capital Challenges in the…continue reading →

Company Finance Analysis

In this assignment, we want to develop abilities to analyze financial statements, stock and bond valuation, and WACC.  In order to handle this assignment, you and your team members are supposed to select a public firm and its major competitor and then collect relevant information from yahoofinance.com (http://finance.yahoo.com/) or other source…continue reading →

For the purpose of this assignment, assume that you are the manager of the HIM Department of General Hospital. The hospital is due for a Joint Commission accreditation survey in six months. The CEO has asked for a report regarding medical staff compliance with Joint Commission requirements for delinquent records…continue reading →

Analyze a company (Alibaba)

Group project (30%) Group Project (30%) The group project asks you to analyze an industry and how a company competes in that industry. The objective of the group project is to help you prepare for your career upon graduation and job interviews. It can be an industry you want to…continue reading →

ACCOUNTING Discussion Question WK 9

"Cash Flow Statements and Cash Hoards" Please respond to the following: Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are identified as companies that have accumulated substantial sums of cash. Microsoft and Apple increased dividend payouts and acquired treasury stock to return some of the excess cash to shareholders. Use the Internet to identify…continue reading →


Read the article “Mall Owners Push Out Department Stores” Take a 'field trip' to a local/regional mall to observe, firsthand, some of the trends that are happening in the retail industry. Think about what has been changed compared to 5-10 years ago or/and recently: stores, retailers, designs, decoration, layout, patrons,…continue reading →