1. For a particular regression analysis, SST=161 and SSR=146
  2. Obtain the coefficient of determination. (Round to two decimal places)




  1. Determine SSE.






  1. Use the table and the given regression equation to answer parts A-C.
X 3 1 2
Y -4 0 -5



  1. Compute the tree sums of squares, SST, SSR, and SSE, using the defining formulas.






  1. Verify the regression identity, SST=SSR+SSE. Is this statement correct? (Yes, or No)



  1. Determine the value of , the coefficient of determination. (Round to four decimal places as needed)







  1. Fill the blanks
  2. The symbol used for the linear correlation coefficient is __________.


  1. A value of r close to indicates that there is a _________ linear relationship between the variables.


  1. A value of r close to ___________ indicates that there is either no linear relationship between the variables or a weak one.


  1. For the data shown to the below, determine the linear correlation coefficient using the formula r = .
X Y )(
4 3      
5 4      
1 2      
2 -1      


Find the sample mean of each variable.





Find the sum required to calculate r using the definition.

= _______


Find the sample standard deviation of each variable.







Using the definition, r = _________




  1. The following are data on age (in weeks) and crown-rump length (in millimeters) for fetuses. Plot a scatterplot of the data and regression line to compare your calculation in part A and part B. (Use Excel and print out for figure).


Age(X) 10 12 13 13 17 19 20 23 25 29
Length(Y) 66 67 110 107 159 167 175 226 235 281



  1. Obtain the linear correlation coefficient. r=____________


  1. There is __________________________________________ between the two variables.



  1. The given graph is ____________ with the interpretation found in part B, because the y-values appear to _____________ as the x-values increase, and the data points appear ______________________________________________________________________.


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