Antibiotic resistance is a real threat to the human race. Unfortunately, it has not been given the kind of attention it deserves. So a lot of people are unaware of the seriousness of the situation and its consequences. You are expected to do a literature search about this burning issue and turn in a paper. I am not particular about the style you use for the paper. But I am particular about the fact that you must reference every statement you make if you are taking it from somewhere. I want you to use the ACS format to cite your references:



Your paper must have an introduction. Your paper must read like an essay (headings are optional). If you use a question answer format I will not grade your paper. Please do not use the numbering or bullet format in writing the paper, the use of paragraphs is more appropriate. Please ensure that your paper is cohesive in font and writing style. In your paper please address the following issues


  • What are antibiotics?


  • What is antibiotic resistance?


  • Can antibiotics be used to effectively treat any and all diseases?


  • Elucidate the causes of antibiotic resistance (List and discuss in detail) and the role we humans play in fostering antibiotic resistance.


  • How are antibiotic resistant bacteria transmitted from person to person and what role do individuals play in this?


  • What is the difference between broad-spectrum and narrow spectrum antibiotics? Is one better than the other? Why?


  • What are “superbugs”? Find examples of two recent epidemics where superbugs were involved. Name the bugs and the antibiotics they were resistant to. Don’t forget to reference your sources.


  • Discuss what can be done to reduce the spread of antibiotic resistance.


  • CITE YOUR SOURCES. Plagiarism is not a good idea. Without references your paper is worth 0 points. Please see the following link for the correct way to reference your sources



Also please note that Wikipedia is not a great place to find valid scientific information.


Here are some websites to get you started.





  • Include your name on each page of the paper. You might consider inserting a header with your name on it.
  • Make sure your paper has page numbers. You might consider inserting a footer.
  • If you forget to attach something to your paper (say the references), you must upload the whole paper again.
  • Please also note that if you upload the wrong or incomplete file my mistake, the time at which you upload the corrected file will count as the time of submission.
  • I WILL NOT ACCEPT REPORTS VIA EMAIL. If you have a problem uploading your file, please contact UTS for help with your settings. Inability to upload the file because of a glitch on your computer is not an acceptable explanation because you were asked to test the system previously. If you are having problems on your home computer, please use one of the campus computers.
  • Late papers will have points deducted (20% per day).
  • The instructions for uploading the paper are located in the Assignment dropbox tab.

Choose the link for your paper in the assignment dropbox.

Click on View/Complete

It will take you to a menu

Choose single file upload, enrolled student and fill in the rest of the details

Browse and upload your file.




Word processing program


  • Your paper must be submitted in either Microsoft Word (with .doc extension or.docx) or as a rich text file (with a .rtf as the extension). If you use Microsoft Works, or some other word processing program, I will be unable to open the file unless it is in the .rtf format. If I cannot open the paper, it is going to be considered the same as not turning it in.
  • If I am unable to open your paper, I will return it back to you by sending you an email or letting you know in person at the time of the on-campus labs. Provided you return the paper to me via email within 72 hours in the correct format, the time at which you made the original submission will stand as the time you turned your paper. Beyond the 72 hours, you will lose 20% of the net worth of the paper for each day the paper is late. This is the only situation where email submissions will be accepted.




Other things to keep in mind


  • Submit your paper in a font such as Times New Roman, Arial or Geneva. Please avoid using a script font or fancy fonts, which typically do not survive the uploading process. They end up looking like a foreign script that I am unable to read and by extension unable to grade.
  • You are welcome to include tables or pictures in the body of your paper and refer to them in your text. I will not open e-mailed additions to the paper.
  • CITE YOUR SOURCES. Plagiarism is not a good idea. You can be prosecuted for academic misconduct. Please see the following link for the correct way to reference your sources


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