Select a toxicant that can be classified as an air, water or soil pollutant, or an organic solvent. Discuss the exposure limits of this toxicant, how an individual may be exposed, and the toxic effects. Also, discuss the possibility of the toxicant being a carcinogen and what risk assessments would…continue reading →


The scientific method guides the way researchers tackle the questions they want and need to answer.  Even though the same guidelines are used, each individual has their own perspective on what happened.  In scientific research, it is important to provide details on what and how information is being observed or…continue reading →

Biology Lab

·         On your own and without assistance, complete this Lab 1 Answer Sheet electronically and submit it via the Assignments Folder by the date listed in the Course Schedule (under Syllabus). ·         To conduct your laboratory exercises, use the Laboratory Manual located under Course Content. Read the introduction and the…continue reading →


Use the Internet and/or the Learning Resource Center to research aspects of biology. Select an article from a magazine or newspaper that has something in it that pertains to biology. This will serve as the “target article” for this assignment. For instance, you can select an article about medicine, invasive…continue reading →

Antibiotic Resistance Paper

  Antibiotic resistance is a real threat to the human race. Unfortunately, it has not been given the kind of attention it deserves. So a lot of people are unaware of the seriousness of the situation and its consequences. You are expected to do a literature search about this burning…continue reading →


Chemical Equilibrium: Finding a Constant, Kc  Abstract The equilibrium constant  is present in every single reaction. When iron(III) and thiocyanate are added together equilibrium is established. Therefore, the value of  can be determined by changing the volume of KSCN.  The final equilibrium constant  was determined to be and the percent…continue reading →


The purpose of this experiment was to determine the equilibrium constant Kc of the chemical reaction which was the iron (III) with thiocyanate to produce the thiouyanoiron (III). This experiment was conducted to observe the differences in chemical equilibrium, by addition or subtraction of solutions. The iron was kept constant in…continue reading →


The ocular of a compound microscope has a magnification of 10x and the objective has a magnification of 10x. The total magnification of the microscope is:     10x     20x     100x     1,000x     500x 10 points Question 2 The objective lens of a…continue reading →

Acids, Bases & Salts Performance Task

Task: Create a Magazine Article for Middle School kids (ages 11­-14) to help explain compare and contrast acids, bases, and salts. Details: The National Science Foundation is developing a new magazine for Middle Schoolers. You have been given the task to create an interesting and informative article discussing the differences and similarities between…continue reading →

Chemistry of Hazardous Materials

QUESTION 1. You are the project manager of an environmental company that was hired to cleanup a historical arsenic contamination site. Soil sampling results indicated the area impacted with arsenic above action levels is 30 feet by 55 feet. The depth of the arsenic plume is three feet below ground…continue reading →