The purpose of this experiment was to determine the equilibrium constant Kc of the chemical reaction which was the iron (III) with thiocyanate to produce the thiouyanoiron (III). This experiment was conducted to observe the differences in chemical equilibrium, by addition or subtraction of solutions. The iron was kept constant in each test tube, which was the constant variable in this reaction. The amount of each tube were change, which mean that, each tube has a same amount of the iron and the amount of KCSN was increased, while the amount of H2O was decreased and from the equilibrium observed from each solution the equilibrium changes. As result the average of the equilibrium constant would be 26.5 and Kc = [Fe (SCN2+)]/[Fe3+][SCN].


The main idea of this experiment was to determine the equilibrium constant for the reaction the iron with thiocynate to form the thiouyaniron. In this experiment when the iron and SCN became together, the equilibrium was established between these two ions. Therefore, the known concentrations of each ion are necessary to calculate the equilibrium constant for the following reaction (Fe3+(aq)+SCN (aq) <-> FeSCN2+(aq)). The general equation for calculating the concentration of each ion would be the dilution law (M1V1=M2V2).   The product of the reaction [FeSCN2+] eq is calculated by using the following formula ([FeSCN2+] eq =( Aeq / Astd)* [FeSCN2+] std where Aeq and Astd are the absorbance values for the equilibrium and standard test tubes respectively.



In this experiment, I think we did very well because the procedure was very clear and easy to follow. However, the possible source of error that may occur during the experiment, it would be addition or subtraction of the amount of each solution to other solutions. In addition, the temperature of each solution would be different and that may affect the result. Therefore, the human error would be the only source of error in this experiment because we cannot be accurate while add or subtract the amount of each solution to each other.

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